Daily Delight: Ice Cream Cone Planters

Written on:July 13, 2011
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July is National Ice Cream Month (as if you needed another reason to hit the local parlor!), but my tragic allergy to all things dairy limits me to freezer-burnt popsicles or spoon-breakingly hard Italian ice. At least these Richard Taylor Ice Cream Cone planters allow me to indulge my sweet tooth for design.

ice cream cone planter

via SnapRetail

These Faux Bois — that’s French for false wood — beauties fool the eye, and would look wild with some baby succulents and cacti, as the good folks at Sprout Home suggest. Sadly, along with the milk allergy, I also have something of a black thumb, so I’m thinking of using one as a pencil holder on my new desk instead.

Say welcome to Briana, the newest member of the team!

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